Safe Dining

At Hunter St. Hospitality we have the safety of our guests and team members front of mind.


Safe dining is a shared responsibility. Our commitment as a responsible employer and business operator is to create a safe environment for our guests, employees and suppliers. We therefore operate in line with state governments’ Covid-19 rules. Those entering our premises have a responsibility to do likewise. Covid-19 rules can be found here:

New South Wales
Western Australia


  • Check in and show vaccination status (if required to do so by the relevant state health department)
  • Adhere to social distancing requirements upon entry, exit and when moving around venue
  • Wait to be seated
  • Comply with requests to relocate due to capacity restrictions in any area
  • Respect our staff and the advice/directions they provide


To help keep our guests and employees safe we are committed to taking the following steps across our venues:

  • Covid-19 Safety Plan in place at all venues
  • Safe dining training for all team members
  • Additional cleaning measures
  • Hand sanitiser units in each venue
  • Single use and/or digital menus
  • Contactless payments solutions in place
  • Social distancing measures in place and safesocialising encouraged


We are unwavering in our commitment to quality, community and caring for our guests, employees, and suppliers. We thank you for your ongoing support and for returning to dine at our restaurants.
We are confident that together we can coax the Australian hospitality industry back to what it was: a vibrant industry, a robust employer, and a world-leader in this dynamic field.

Stay safe!
Hunter St. Hospitality